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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boston Cream Pie

I always wondered why Boston Cream Pie is called pie and not cake.  This is what Google had to say about it.

Boston Cream Pie History:

Cooks in New England and Pennsylvania Dutch regions were known for their cakes and pies and the dividing line between them was very thin. This cake was probably called a pie because in the mid-nineteenth century, pie tins were more common than cake pans. The first versions might have been baked in pie tins. Boston Cream Pie is a remake of the early American"Pudding-cake pie."

1856 - The Parker House Hotel (now the Omni Parker House Hotel), claims to have served Boston cream pies since their opening in 1856. French chef Sanzian, who was hired for the opening of the hotel, is credited with creating Boston cream pie. This cake was originally served at the hotel with the names Chocolate Cream Pie or Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie. This was the first hotel in Boston to have hot-and-cold running water, and the first to have an elevator.

1996 - The Boston Cream Pie was proclaimed the official Massachusetts State Dessert on December 12, 1996. A civics class from Norton High School sponsored the bill. The pie beat out other candidates, including the toll house cookie and Indian pudding.

Usually made with sponge cake, but I like this method.

Once your cake is baked and cooled, make the filling.

I used Dr. Oetker pudding mix (43 g/1.5 oz size), but any pudding mix will do. Just replace the milk it calls for with 10% cream. Cool in fridge.

Place the bottom layer on a plate or cake board and top with the pudding.
I kept about 1/2 cup of the pudding for another use (to eat !) because it looked like that would be too much between layers.
Now gently place the next layer on top and refrigerate while you make the chocolate glaze.

Take 225 g (about 1/2 tub) prepared chocolate frosting.  Add 1/2 cup chocolate chips.
Microwave for about 30 seconds, stirring after every 10 seconds.
Now take the cake out of the fridge and work quickly as the glaze will start to set.
Keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

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