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Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to make T-Shirt Yarn step-by-step

If you have some old t-shirts (who doesn't?) why not make some t-shirt yarn and turn them into something else.

Lay the shirt out flat and cut below any graphic that might be on the front of your t-shirt. Cut above the hem too.  Note: It would probably be better to lay your shirt on a table.  I put everything on the floor.  Not good for the old back : (
Anyways, to continue

Turn so that the side seams of the shirt are at top and bottom.

Take the shirt at about 1/3 from the bottom and bring a fold up leaving a 1 inch margin at the top.

Cut 1 inch strips, but NOT through the margin.

Unfold strips and find uncut margin.  Your work will look like loops so far.
Do NOT cut the bottom opened.
Lay your work so that the uncut margin is flat.  You will only be able to have 3 or 4 strips flat at a time. Start from the outside edge on the left and make a diagonal cut to the first strip.

You can unravel a bit so you see that you are cutting the right way. Keep cutting diagonally until you have worked through the entire margin.  

Take short sections and give a tug to make the yarn.

Sew ends of each new colour yarn you create together and now you can use it to make a throw, some covered hangers, a rug, beach bags.... recycle, reuse.
I used 20 mm knitting needles here to make a throw.  It's soft and stretchy too.

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